Vascular Lesions

IPL Lasers are capable of diminishing the appearance of vascular lesions.


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Vascular Lesions

What are Facial Telangiectasias?

You’ve seen those small red veins on your face, hands, and legs. When they appear on you’re face they’re called “Facial Telangiectasias.” They are broken or dilated blood vessels or capillaries that are commonly found on the face, nose, chin, and cheek. Telangiectasias can also be found on the other parts of the body such as the legs, chest, back, arms, legs, and lower extremities. They are typically very small — smaller than a millimeter in diameter — and are red to bluish in color. They are superficially located underneath the skin and are considered vascular lesions that are usually benign.

Before-After Vascular Lesions Treatment


The best way to determine whether Venus Versa™ is capable of giving you the results for facial telangiectasias you desire is to view results.


There are several factors which contribute to the development of facial vessels. The most common factors for telangiectasis are the following: genetics, prolonged sun and wind exposure, medications that can dilate vessels, pregnancy, excessive alcohol use, trauma to the skin, surgical incisions, and acne.


The Venus Versa™ laser is specifically designed to treat various types facial vessels and vascular lesions called facial telangiectasia. The laser precisely targets these vessels with heat-energy. The targeted oxyhemoglobin (red blood cells) inside the visibly broken capillaries absorb the laser’s energy and are heated up, coagulated, or closed down. This process is called photothermolysis, and results in the disintegration of the vessels.


As a result of this light-based energy exchange between the laser and capillary, many patients will experience clearance of the telangiectasias on the face, nose, chin, and forehead within hours of the initial treatment. In addition, the thermal effect of the Venus Versa™ laser on the skin causes the body’s immune response to send scavenger cells, macrophages, to the treatment site. Therefore, over a period of 3 to 6 weeks, these macrophages work to absorb the treated capillaries, reducing the vascular lesions or facial telangiectasia. Depending on the severity of these broken vessels, a series of 3 to 4 Venus Versa™ Treatments are recommended.


The patented Chill-tip is only available on the Venus Versa™ laser system. This makes the treatment therapeutic and safe because more energy can be delivered to the targeted telangiectasis without injuring the surrounding, healthy, non-vascularized skin cells. This unique chill-tip also makes the Venus Versa™ laser treatment much less painful.


Smaller blood vessels will disappear within hours of recieving a treatment with the Venus Versa™. Results for larger vessels may take several days or weeks. Results vary from person to person.

Before-After Facial Telangiectasia


  • No Creams/Lotions
  • Avoid Self-Tanners
  • Stay out of the sun for a few days before and after treatments.
  • You should not wear face makeup during a treatment, and are welcome to remove and refresh your makeup in our offices.


People say that treatments with the Venus Versa™ are relatively pain-free, simple, and quick. All treatments begin with a consultation to discuss your desired results, expectations, and aesthetic goals. We’ll go over the exact areas and lines you want treated and will explain what a procedure for that area will entail, including number of sessions needed and costs. During the initial consultation, Heather Schwartzmann PA-C will take a medical history to ensure there will be no adverse reactions to the Venus Versa™ IPL laser.

The laser is placed on top of the skin, and turned on. It will emit several short pulses of light. Most people akin the feeling to a tiny band snapping on the skin, and find it is noticeable, but virtually pain-free. You’re free to either sit or recline during treatment.

The entire appointment should take less than an hour, including time for a consultation.

Afterwards we will give you a handout of things to do or avoid after your treatments.


  • Redness and swelling: It is very common and should be expected that redness and swelling will occur directly following a Venus Versa™ laser treatment for facial telangiectasia. The length or duration varies for each patient, but it can last from several hours to several days following the Venus Versa™ treatment. Common therapies to manage redness and swelling are the use of localized cold compresses, topical creams, and oral anti-histamines.
  • Scabbing and blistering: The Venus Versa™ laser is heating up targeted sites underneath the skin. Therefore, there is a chance some scabbing or blistering may occur, though usually very rare. The Venus Versa™ is designed to have variable settings along with the patented chill-tip technology that drastically reduces the chances of scabbing and/or blistering. In rare cases, if a scab or blister occurs, antibiotic ointment such as Bacitracin, Polysporin, or the use of non-medicated ointments such as Vaseline, Vanicream, or Auqaphor are used to keep the area moist.
  • Avoid the sun: Following any type of laser procedure, especially a Venus Versa™ laser treatment for facial telangiectasia, strict sun avoidance is mandated. It is very important to use sun blocks several weeks prior to and after ALL Venus Versa™ laser treatments. Not all sunblocks are created equal, so please ask your physician which sun block to use. Prolonged periods of sun exposure on areas where a laser’s energy has been transmitted onto the skin can create hypo- or hyper-pigmentation. This lightening or darkening of the skin can be greatly minimized if proper sun protection is used daily for several weeks following the Venus Versa™ treatment.
  • Sensitive skin: Patents with telangiectasia often have very sensitive skin even without extraneous factors such as heat from a Venus Versa™ laser treatment. In short, one can and should expect the skin to be very sensitive for several days to a week following laser treatments to the affected areas.

At Allure Aesthetics, with offices conveniently located in Mizner Park, Boca Raton, FL, our certified practitioner, Heather Schwartzmann, PA-C is pleased to offer several products and processes to fight sun damage and visible signs of aging.

Our goal is to work closely with you to assess the condition of your skin and listen carefully to your aesthetic concerns and beauty goals, in order to create a custom-tailored treatment plan designed to rejuvenate your skin to enhance your youthful glow and vigor!


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