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At Allure Aesthetics of Boca Raton, we provide a variety of services to keep your face and body as youthful as you feel inside.

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Prescription Anti-Aging Skin Care Solutions Designed Specifically for You!


Heather Schwartzmann personally tests, uses, and endorses each of the prescription treatments we sell. They’ve all been specifically chosen to complete the youthful vibrant looks we all love and aim for.

 Tretinoin w/Co-Q 10

Treats: Wrinkles
Cost: $80

Tretinoin was the first retinoid approved by the FDA to treat wrinkles. It improves the appearance of skin by reducing roughness, promoting collagen and elastin production, and stimulating cell renewal. It also stimulates new blood vessels in the skin, giving skin a rosy appearance, fading age spots, and reducing precancerous skin spots. When spread on the skin, retinoids can unclog pores, allowing other medicated creams and gels to work better. It also can reduce acne outbreaks by preventing dead cells from clogging pores. By clearing acne and reducing outbreaks, it reduces the formation of acne scars.

Application: Apply topically to face, neck, chest, and hands at least twice a week.

Active Ingredients: Tretinoin and Co-Q 10 (strength varies for each patient)

 Tretinoin W/Co-Q 10

Anti-Hyperpigmentation Cream

Treats: Discoloration
Cost: $95

Anti-Hyperpigmentation (bleaching) Cream lightens skin and promotes natural color uniformity by correcting hyperpigmentation in the skin. Helps gradually reduce freckles, age spots, acne scars, or discoloration related to hormones.

Application: Apply topically to clean skin daily and allow cream to absorb.

Active Ingredient: Hydroquinone, Tretinoin, Kojic Acid and Hydrocortisone (strength varies for each patient)’

Anti-Hyperpigmentation (bleaching) Cream

Advanced Cell Repair Serum

Treats: Anti-Aging
Cost: $120

Powerfully packed with clinical antiaging ingredients, this works to support an overall smoother, brighter complexion. This formula has everything your skin needs. In as little as four weeks, you’ll see firmer skin, reduced appearance of wrinkles, a more even skintone, and less visible pores.

Application: Warm one drop between hands. Apply to face, neck and decollete. Follow with a day or night moisturizer

Active Ingredients: Ascorbic Acid, Hylauronic Acid, Matrixyl 3000, Estriol, and Vitamin E

Advanced Cell Repair Serum

Eye Cream

Treats: Aging in Eye Area
Cost: $80

This treatment address signs of aging in the eye area, including inner corner creases, under eye wrinkles, crow’s feet, lid creases, and under eye vertical lines. Designed to prevent future wrinkles and repair existing wrinkles. It contains Vitamin K, a vasocontrictor that constricts the fine blood vessels that cause dark under eye circles and within minutes of application, the appearance of the under eye area is improved with more dramatic results over time. Bisa and Chrysin diminish the inflammation that causes the appearance of puffy eyes.

Application: Massage a small amount of eye cream under eye, on your eyelid, and around crow’s feet until thoroughly absorbed. Use twice daily, morning and evening.

Active Ingredient: Bisa, Vitamin K, and Chrysin

Eye Cream

Clear Skin Cleanser

Treats: Acne
Cost: $80

This acne treatment cleanser deeply cleanses and helps lessen acne-causing bacteria, while salicylic acid effectively reduces breakouts. It efficiently clears skin without irritation leaving skin feeling completely clean and comfortably balanced.

Active Ingredients: Benzoyl Peroxide, and Alicylic Acid

Application: Gently massage a small amount onto a lightly damp face, and massage for 30-60 seconds. Rinse and pat dry. Use daily. Follow with appropriate treatment and moisturizer.

Clear Skin Cleanser

At Allure Aesthetics, with offices conveniently located in Mizner Park, Boca Raton, FL, our certified practitioner, Heather Schwartzmann, PA-C is pleased to offer several products to fight sun damage and visible signs of aging.

Our goal is to work closely with you to assess the condition of your skin and listen carefully to your aesthetic concerns and beauty goals, in order to create a custom-tailored treatment plan designed to rejuvenate your skin to enhance your youthful glow and vigor!

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